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Shipli’s Adventures – Birdy’s Grace

Ya. This is a light bulb.Shipli looked at the bright happy face drawn on the face of the bulb. Reema had well pro portioned it and given it a red collar. What a splendid idea! ¬†And then Reema and little Mini left. Shipli felt a sudden twinge of sadness. Did your mama say that she’ll drop you tomorrow? She’d asked. “No dear. It was just for today.” Said the old girl honeyed in complexion with sparkling eyes and a cheerful smile as she escorted her younger sister away.

Oh it’s time to help Allah Rakha with the bricks . And she ran off to fetch a brick or two to be cemented.

The construction of some 25 additional classrooms had started in full swing. Labourers were there all the time , some slept in the scaffolding that ran around the needed area,some with haversacks strung around them to hold babies much like the ones that tea plantation workers wear.They deftly caught each brick that came flying down from nowhere so to speak.

One commotion there. A little bird he had got in between the scaffolding. Ramji ran off to fetch Kaka who was busy perpetrating the day’s dinner. He came back with Kaka who took a little stick and shifted one of the wobbly planks ever so slightly. It fell clumsily thankfully landing over to the side. But what happened to birdie? There it was,fallen among some dusters with a soft thud slightly wounded. Shipli ran to pick it up. “No”. Admonished Kaka. If you a ever touch a bird it will never again be accepted by its parents. He then took a sheaf of leaves which he had formed by shuffling them together and slowly eased the little creature onto it. “I am just going to leave it by the side . It’s mother will find it. He should be fine.” The duster must have protected the arboreal and sure enough when Shipli went to the spot the next day it had indeed flown off.

Presently Shipli’s grandfather came to fetch her. She was proud of her granddad. He was a freedom fighter. This was year 1970. But he hadn’t got the award yet that they distributed during the republic day parade. He will probably get it the folowing year.



Indoor gardening

I love plants. The African Violet.Petal by petal,drop by drop of fertilizer that goes into it.

Funny wall hanger with a biggish snout.Wither looks thou. Oh it’s supposed to be a coat hanger really. For all I know it might have held Gandhi’s coat.Left it in the laundry I did.Stuck it with that oh so stolid tape but works it does. I then changed its location to the arch near the dining room. Looks much better here. I now need to look for a really small African violet to fit in a basket and hang it on to this antique suspender. Three young ones have just sprouted. I have laced them by the bathroom tub. I am hoping they would gather some courage in the conducively humid environment and sprout for goodness sake.

There’s another by the laundry window. It’s little tiny shoots are peeking. Once grown I plan to cut away some plastic yet and fit it in. Just can’t wait.Oh the torture of having to be patient. To be sure it’s children and seedling who teach patience to crotchety adult
I remember in Singapore we had a second season of flowers.There they arose with a lot of fanfare,a full head of bright purples and pinks.For some reason I put off luck an year later. They got quite set for having been neglected. All summer. Hope to goodness they thrive here.

Six months later.
Yup they sprouted.I have a little family of five tiny tots. Two are still in the nursery- I mean the laundry.Two of them have been shifted to the bathroom.
Now I just can’t wait for them to bloom.

They bloomed last week two years after they sprouted.


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