Everyday's tiny little points.

Indoor gardening.

Lots of things about indoor palnts are satisfying.

Nurturing, caring, green fingers ,beauty ,reliability, order, freshness, life,vitality and stability . These are some of the adjectives,emotions which play upon you when you think of indoor plants. I remember the very first time when we had a tree come home. On a quick trip to collect some exquisite second hand furniture from a sprightly house ,whose occupants were relocating,I met the little lady of the house.- a 5yr. old showing me around and wondering if I would also provide a home for her Weeping Willow.Yes, of course. After everything that I wanted was fully packed and removed, she gave a long look at the corner where the tree had been and sighed. It looks empty doesn’t it?

The first living plant that I bred was the money plant or the Devil’s Ivy. I had only kept it in water, suspended till it appended roots on to it. Then gingerly  I transferred it to soil and drenched it in water. Of course it wouldn’t grow. Got suffocated practically. Friend of mine whom I met a few months later told me that you should never,never pour water onto new born roots when you do a fresh planting. A few sprinkles . That’s all it takes.Oh dear!. Wish I’d spoken to this dear indoor gardener before I had killed all the palms, philodendrons and ferns.

Literally after this a new phase started.


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